OpenVote focuses on providing a remote internet voting solution that address the problem of voter participation by providing an easy to implement, convenient, secure, and easy to use internet-based remote voting application.

Key characteristics of the OpenVote remote internet voting platform include:

  • PKCS#12 key storage format supported by all popular browsers, all of which export keys in this format
  • Talliers are participants responsible for tabulating the votes without compromising privacy
  • No single party other than the voter can compromise vote privacy it and can be maintained against collusion of talliers up to a predefined threshold
  • Disputes over vote delivery are resolved using receipts
  • Even passive observers can verify the election results long after the fact 
  • The operator of the system is only responsible for service quality and availability and cannot compromise vote privacy or forge the results without being detected
  • The system can be delivered by a service provider and is flexible enough to allow the easy design of bespoke ballots